Catventure - Backpack Mini

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Color: Camel
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Introducing Catventure - probably the cutest backpack ever! Featuring one discreet exterior pocket and three small interior pockets, this backpack is the purr-fect size to fit all your daily necessities without weighing a ton. You just might have to keep it zipped up to keep your cat from sitting in it too!

Oh, and that’s one of the best features: made from 100% vegan leather, this backpack won’t get covered in cat fur no matter how tenaciously your cat sheds. Plus, it’s a worry-free way to wear leather without sacrificing style.

Its urban yet feminine design, comfortable shoulder straps, small size and flawless functionality will make it your go-to bag for everyday life.

Product details
  • Measurements 26 x 23 CM
  • Made with 100% Vegan Leather
  • Zip closure
  • Multi-functional internal pockets.
  • Gold metal detailing
  • Faux fur cat ears
  • Ajustable straps

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